Whitewashing of Slavery, DeSantis’ Latest Attack on Climate Education Includes Videos Comparing Activists to Nazis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is facing a barrage of criticism following his administration’s formal approval of far-right PragerU videos for use as educational materials in the state’s K-12 schools. 

Whitewashing of Slavery

While the initial outrage focused on the videos’ distortion of American history and whitewashing of slavery, a new dimension of concern has emerged—PragerU’s dissemination of false claims about climate science, as reported by Scientific American.

PragerU CEO Marissa Streit defended the use of these videos, arguing that they aim to counterbalance what she referred to as “climate hysteria” that young students are allegedly being exposed to. 

Streit emphasized the need for a “healthy balance” in teaching about climate change. 

These videos come under scrutiny for presenting misleading information, particularly concerning the role of carbon emissions in the current climate crisis.

Worried About Climate Change

One of PragerU’s videos features a character named Ania, a concerned teenager worried about climate change. 

The video attempts to alleviate her fears by asserting that climate fluctuations have occurred throughout history, long before carbon emissions became a significant factor. 

While this statement is factually accurate, it is contextually irrelevant to the pressing issue of carbon emissions contributing to global warming and environmental degradation.

Other PragerU videos take a critical stance on wind and solar energy, labeling them as harmful to the environment and unreliable. 

The Videos Liken Climate Activists to Nazis

Shockingly, some of these videos even draw inappropriate comparisons, such as likening climate activists to Nazis. 

In one instance, a Holocaust survivor’s experience is juxtaposed with Ania being criticized by her teacher and classmates for echoing PragerU’s talking points.

This controversy unfolds against the backdrop of Florida grappling with severe environmental challenges, many of which have been exacerbated by human-driven emissions. 

The state has endured devastating hurricanes and scorching heat waves, leading to significant displacement of residents and prompting concerns about the sustainability of the region. 

Insurance Companies Are Retreating From Florida

Home insurance companies are retreating from the state, leaving residents to contend with limited options and soaring rates due to the elevated risk of ongoing disasters.

Critics have long argued that PragerU is not a genuine educational institution but rather a media company disseminating right-wing perspectives, often viewed as propaganda. 

Despite the debate surrounding the content’s accuracy and appropriateness, the use of PragerU videos in educational settings is not unique to Florida.

Teachers across the country have reportedly integrated these videos into their classrooms for years.

Ron Desantis Is Entangled in Contentious Issues

Governor Ron DeSantis, who is actively pursuing the GOP presidential nomination for the 2024 election, finds himself entangled in this contentious issue. 

This controversy adds to the criticism he has already faced over a task force he appointed, which formulated controversial statewide Black history guidelines. 

These guidelines have sparked outrage for downplaying the gravity of slavery and characterizing Martin Luther King-style civil disobedience as “irresponsible citizenship.”

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