Why Can’t He Just Let Me Cook in Peace? My Roommate Thinks My Baking Is Flirting!

A polite young man asked Redditors for opinions after his roommate got angry about his cooking. It was who he was feeding that was the problem. Here is the full story.

He Had Plenty of Southern Hospitality and Charm

OP is a 21-year-old man who grew up in Texas and Louisiana. By his own account, there is nothing he can do to hide his Southern hospitality and charm.

That means OP sticks out like a sore thumb now that he’s living on the East Coast to attend culinary school. His friendly, laid-back nature makes him a magnet for people of all types.

And OP has been cooking since he was tall enough to reach the stove. It’s one of his passions in life, which is why he’s pursuing it as a profession.

OP isn’t stingy with his talents, either, and feeds anyone who enters his circle as well as he can afford to.

He Loved To Cook for Himself and Others

When OP moved east, he needed a place to stay. He met another young man searching for a roommate, and they decided to get an apartment together.

OP and his roommate aren’t great friends but hang out quite a bit. They like to watch movies at home and occasionally go to a bar together.

And OP’s roommate is pretty happy with his cooking. OP cooks for himself a lot and usually makes enough for his roommate, too.

Whenever someone comes over to visit, OP also cooks something he knows they like. Pound cake is a favorite of his roommate’s parents, for example.

His Roommates Girlfriend Moved in for a Couple of Weeks

The problems started when the roommate’s girlfriend moved in for two weeks during a school break. They had been dating for about six months, and OP had only met her in passing.

One day, the girlfriend mentioned that she liked a certain kind of cheesecake. OP took note, baked that treat, and then offered it to his roommate and the GF.

The girlfriend was thrilled, but OP’s roommate got upset about the cheesecake.

A few days later, the roommate told OP that all his girlfriend could do was talk about how great OP’s freshly baked dessert was. The roommate was beyond annoyed.

“It Is Inappropriate To Look His Girlfriend in the Eyes When They Were Talking”

Of course, OP told his roomie he was just being polite, but the other young man wasn’t buying it. He kept complaining and even told OP it was inappropriate for him to look his girlfriend in the eyes when they were talking.

It didn’t stop with just food and conversation, either. OP feels like he can’t do anything around the house now with setting off his roommate.

One day, OP was washing his car and asked if the roommate and his girlfriend wanted him to wash theirs, too.

OP could see the young woman was about to say yes, but then her boyfriend gave her a stern look, and she said no thanks.

Roomie Wouldn’t Let Him Mow the Lawn

And when OP went out to mow the lawn while the roommate’s girlfriend was there, the roommate stopped him and said he’d do it instead.

OP isn’t trying to make his roommate look bad, but he’s sure that’s what the other young man thinks.

Now, OP wonders if he should be looking for a different roommate.

Redditors see nothing wrong with how OP treats his guests, including the roommate’s girlfriend.

… And Is Insecure and Jealous

Most of them think he sounds charming, and some not-so-jokingly want to know if he will cook for them.

The overall sentiment is that OP’s roommate is insecure and jealous and that he probably won’t be with his girlfriend long, anyway.

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