She’s Starving Her Husband!: Dieting by Proxy? His Secret Fast Food Binging Quickly Busted

A young husband took to Reddit for opinions when his wife’s cooking forced him to “pregame” her dinners every night. It was his only choice to avoid starvation. Here is the whole story.

A Hiccup

OP is a 32-year-old man who has been married to his 32-year-old wife for a few months. For the most part, things have been going well, but there’s a hiccup.

The problem is that OP’s wife makes tiny dinners for him every night. She puts a lot of work into the meals and makes them look fancy, but there’s not much to them.

OP appreciates all his wife’s efforts, but she’s starving him. He weighs 230 pounds and works a physical job, so he needs a lot of food.

Tired, Weak and Hungry

It got so bad that OP lost 7 pounds during their first month of marriage. He was tired, weak, and hungry all the time.

OP tried to talk to his wife about the problem. He sat down with her and just told her the truth – her meals were delicious, and he loved them, but he needed more food.

But OP’s wife took it as personal criticism and just stared off into space. Then she started crying and said she couldn’t do anything right.


OP tried to console her and talk through it, and he thought he got his point across. But the next night, his wife would again serve up a tiny meal.

This happened several times, and OP finally decided he had to take matters into his own hands. So, he came up with a plan.

OP started dropping into a fast food restaurant every evening on his way home from work. He’d wolf down a burger and fries to get his fill of calories, then top it off with his wife’s meal.

Caught Secret Eating

Of course, OP never told his wife what he was up to. He just ate his fast food and then picked at the fancy dinners, making over how great they were.

It was all working great until OP ran into his mother-in-law at a fast food place one night. She wanted to know what he was doing there.

Feeling on the spot, OP folded like a nervous poker player with a handful of mush. OP told his mother-in-law about his situation and his solution, joking about the whole thing. He laughed and asked her not to tell his wife.

Mother-In-Law Spills the Beans

The mother-in-law understood and agreed with OP it would be best not to tell her daughter. His secret was safe with her.

But by the time OP got home, his mother-in-law had called his wife and spilled the beans. He was in bigger trouble than ever.

OP’s wife was hurt all over again that he didn’t like her food. And she was furious that he would go behind her back to get his own food.

She Felt Betrayed

Now, OP feels guilty and like he betrayed his wife. He’s also worried that he’s going to have to start fighting for his calories again.

But OP also feels trapped because he has already tried to talk through the issue with his wife several times.

Redditors mostly support OP and think that his wife is trying to control him. 

Eating Disorder?

Some of them wonder if his wife has an eating disorder that she hasn’t addressed, while others think she is trying to put him on a diet without telling him.

Several commenters suggest that OP should cook his own meals, and many others warn him he needs to find a better solution than fast food in order to protect his health.

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