Wife’s Life-Altering Cancer Battle Inspires Her Shocking Request – Can He Grant Her Outrageous Wish?

This heartbreaking story of a woman’s struggle with cancer took a shocking twist when she told her husband of 20 years, who helped her through her battle, that she wanted to sleep with another man. After the husband refused the request, she did it anyway!

A Marriage Transformed

One man’s marriage hangs in the balance as his wife, Gwynne, makes a shocking proposal.

Andy reflects on his 20+ year marriage, celebrating his wife’s intelligence, beauty, and loyalty despite the revelation.

Andy stood by Gwynne’s diagnosis of cancer, followed by a full hysterectomy.

The couple embarked on a series of adventures, with Gwynne’s new found outlook after the cancer scare.

A Shocking Request

Andy’s world is turned upside down when Gwynne makes an unexpected request to have sex with another man.

Andy had to fight between his wife’s desires and his own love for her.

While he appreciated her honesty, Andy chose to reject Gwynne’s request.

Gwynne took matters into her own hands, booking a hotel encounter with a coworker and leaving her husband no choice but to accept her decision.

Andy felt angry at his wife’s decision and doesn’t understand what to do next.

Is This Just the Start?

His wife’s best friend even blasted Andy for not letting her go through with it in a shocking twist.

Now, Andy is seeking advice on Reddit for what to do.

Some users believe she has no intention of only sleeping with the man once, “Yeah, her attitude makes me think it’s not a “one-time hall pass.”

Another user suggests if the marriage continues, she’ll want more from other guys, “this will become the new norm for your relationship if you put up with it.”

Andy desperately needs your help, leave a comment and advise him what to do next!

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