Wife’s Plea for Precious Time at Home With Baby Met With Resistance on Financial Stability Focused Husband

One husband is getting tired of his wife’s refusal to work. She wants to stay at home with the baby instead of working her part-time job, but he argues they can’t afford it. Is he wrong for asking her to work?

Not Living Comfortably

In their late 20s and with a baby to care for, this couple’s financial woes are taking a toll on their dreams. 

While their bills and rent are covered, Paula and Finn admit they’re not living as comfortably as they want to.

Finn admits to making 40k a year, whereas his wife makes 20k a year in her part-time job.

Despite these seemingly okay salaries and the rent in Mississippi being one of the lowest in the country, the couple still doesn’t make enough to live comfortably. 

A Pricey Rock

Finn spent a $4,900 splurge on an engagement ring, a decision he now regrets.

The financial strain increased when Paula dropped out of online university classes to work and take care of the baby.

The wife longs to be a stay-at-home mum, cherishing every moment with their baby, but she has to work to support the family.

Despite Paula’s mother’s offer to watch the baby for free, the wife prefers being the primary caregiver. This was a heartfelt choice but one that added to their financial burden.

She Wants to Stay With Baby

Struggling with part-time work, Paula is unhappy, and the family can see it. 

Finn is telling Paula that he wants her to work, but she refuses. “She hates working, she complains about working all the time,” Finn admits.

Their only wish is to live more comfortably and retire without working until their last days, “I just want my family to be able to live more comfortably that’s it. WE WOULD LIKE TO RETIRE AND NOT WORK UNTIL WE DIE.”

Precious Time

Finn is now seeking advice from Reddit. Is he wrong for asking his wife to work?

One user argues he should be allowing his wife to spend more time with their child, “let her spend this precious time with your baby.”

“Totally agree, and it’s so important for babies development having that close bond with a family member such as mom.” another user argues.

Do you think he is in the wrong for asking her to work? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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