Wild Earth Dog Food Net Worth, History, Shark Tank Deal (Updated)

Nowadays, people are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly and reduce carbon emissions, so it comes as no surprise that companies are taking steps to produce more eco-friendly products.

One such company is Wild Earth, an innovative biotech company for pet food, which has developed unique dog snacks and food that is protein-rich.

Wild Earth overview 

According to a study from UCLA, American pets consume so much meat every year that they emit more than 60 million tons of CO2. A group of researchers took action after discovering this staggering statistic. 

In 2017, a research team, headed by Ryan Bethencourt, including Abril Estrada, Kristin Wuhrman, and Dr. Ron Shigeta founded Wild Earth. Its goal is to produce pet food that is healthy, nutritious, and environmentally friendly. The dog treats and food they manufacture don’t contain harmful hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, artificial colors, animal products, fillers, or any other unethical ingredients!

By choosing their pet food, you can be sure your pet will receive high-quality vegan food, enriched with supplements made from plant-based ingredients. This food contains a balanced blend of omega fatty acids, enzymes, and prebiotics – all of which are good for a dog’s digestive system, joint health, and skin.

Dedicated to educating consumers, Wild Earth stresses that dogs are omnivorous and can be fed plant-based foods. Their argument is that dogs need protein, and their meatless food is packed with it. Ingredients commonly found in these meals are whole foods like oats, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes.

Wild Earth Shark Tank Deal

During episode 16 of season 10 of Shark Tank, Ryan Bethencourt and Mark Cuban struck a deal for $550.000 with a 10% ownership in Wild Earth.

Apparently, the deal went through since Wild Earth still appears on Cuban’s list of companies.

Wild Earth Dog Food Net Worth

When it appeared on Shark Tank, Wild Earth was valued at $5.5 million, but it has since raised $16.2 million through venture capital, with the help of a number of investors.