Wish Net Worth, Wiki, Founder (Updated)

Wish is a U.S.-based e-commerce platform that facilitates trade among buyers and sellers. The company’s founders are Danny Zhang (previously CTO) and Piotr Szulczewski (CEO).

Wish operates out of San Francisco, United States, under ContextLogic Inc. A platform like this allows customers to have a more personalized shopping experience, as opposed to relying solely on search bars.

The site enables sellers to directly sell to consumers by listing their products. 

Company NameWish
Company based onFacilitates trade among buyers and sellers
Wish founded byDanny Zhang (previously CTO) and Piotr Szulczewski (CEO)
Founded inJuly 4, 2010
Company headquartersSan Francisco, U.S.
No. of employees900
Wish Net Worth$17 billion (Last updated 2022)

Wish Net Worth

The initial public offering of Wish in 2020 generated $1.1 billion, making the company worth $17 billion.

Wish founders’ story

Peter Szulczewski is an 18% owner of the online marketplace Wish, which allows consumers to connect with sellers mostly based in China.

Szulczewski grew up in an apartment in Tarchomin, a Warsaw neighborhood, before immigrating to Canada when he was 11.

After completing his degree in computer science, he joined Google, where he developed software to assist marketers in targeting consumers’ searches.

In 2009, he left Google and founded a company, ContextLogic, which predicted interest based on browsing history.

In 2011, Szulczewski along with fellow college buddy Danny Zhang rebranded the business as Wish. The purpose of this application was to provide shoppers with the ability to make a wish list before contacting merchants about their purchases.

In addition, they generated revenue via Facebook ads using a pay-per-click approach.