With Bulging Eyes, He Threw a Hissy Fit and Snapped His $3 Record in Two and Childishly Stormed Out of the Music Store!

In an unassuming second-hand store, not located in the US, our friend OP was busy working the day away. The store had a firm and clear policy displayed prominently – there would be absolutely no returns or exchanges. Each receipt reiterated this policy, ensuring every customer was well aware before they purchased.

He Created a Spectacle Over Returning a Record

In the midst of a usual day, a man in his late 40s approached OP’s register. The man held a vinyl record, an item he had previously purchased from this very store for less than $3.

To OP’s surprise, the man wanted to return it, stating that he had already found a similar record at home.

Patiently, OP reminded the man of their store’s policy, expressing regret over the inconvenience. As the words sunk in, the man’s reaction was nothing short of a spectacle.

His face turned beetroot red, his eyes bulged out, and his jaw dropped dramatically. It was as if a volcano was about to erupt right there.

Eyes Bulging, He Claimed It Was Scratched

Suddenly, the man attempted a different tactic. The record, he claimed, was scratched at its end, a problem that had not been mentioned earlier.

Staying calm, OP explained that the store couldn’t possibly check every vinyl record for such issues before selling them. They had to rely on a visual inspection of the record’s condition.

Apparently, this only added fuel to the man’s simmering anger. With an outburst that shook OP, he yelled about his growing frustration. In an extraordinary display of rage, the man snapped the vinyl record in half.

When the first attempt didn’t quite do the job, he further bent it over his knee until it broke. He then tossed the broken pieces on the floor and stormed out of the store, all the while shouting about the store’s poor service.

In a Tantrum, He Snapped It in Two!

Left in the wake of this unexpected fiasco, OP was baffled. He found it hard to believe that a grown man had thrown such an epic tantrum over a trivial $3 purchase, which was essentially his own mistake.

On the plus side, OP was relieved, knowing that he was unlikely to face this customer again.

Despite the tumultuous situation, there was a silver lining. The other customers present during the incident offered their support, empathizing with OP’s predicament.

This shared camaraderie provided some light-hearted relief in the aftermath of such an intense encounter.

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