Woman Adamant She Won’t Switch Seats for a Family: “Book Your Flights Earlier Babes”

A woman boldly stood her ground when a family, hoping to have seats next to each other, asked her to move on a flight. Her decision has been praised by TikTok users who applaud her self-loving style.

Not Budging

Influencer Audrey Peters (@audreypeters) captioned the video with a straightforward statement: “When a family asks me to switch seats on a plane so they can sit together.”

Her message was crystal clear—she wasn’t budging from the seat she had already paid for.

Audrey further explained her stance, expressing reluctance to trade her seat for a “middle seat.”

“Book Your Flights Earlier Babes”

She also took the opportunity to share some advice for the family, suggesting, “book your flights earlier babes” in the future.

The clip has now gained over 1.5 million views, with influencer Audrey Peters (@audreypeters) can be seen sipping her wine while lipsyncing to a popular TikTok song.

The audio, which originated from the 2023 thriller movie The Reading, has become a new trend in countless videos.

Audrey received countless messages of support for her bold move from the TikTok community.

Support for Standing Her Ground

One mother agreed that she should only give the seat up if it benefits her, “As a mom, I fully agree! It’s only okay if your new seat would be better than the one you paid for!!!”

One user admitted they had quite a different family to the one this video is about, “My parents purposely booked my whole fam apart so we couldn’t fight.”

Was Audrey right to stand her ground? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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