‘Woman Beaten Mercilessly With Her Own Cane’ in Latest ‘Brutal and Unprovoked Attack’ in NYC – Why Did No One Stop Him?

In a shocking incident, violence erupted in a Harlem subway station as a man engaged in a brutal altercation with a vulnerable 60-year-old woman. He repeatedly struck her with her own cane, delivering over 50 blows.

Umbrella vs. Cane

According to video footage obtained by the Post, the unidentified male initially lunged at the woman with an umbrella, and she valiantly attempted to defend herself with her cane.

A disturbing video, filmed by an employee of the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) from inside the ticket area, documented the moment when the man forcibly seized the woman’s cane.

 She had been using it as a shield against the man’s belt. 

The situation escalated as he dragged her across the station, wrenching the cane from her grasp and causing her to fall to the ground.

Cane Shatters

The assailant used the cane to strike the woman, targeting her feet and then subjecting her to a sustained assault across her entire body for over a minute. 

At one point, the cane shattered, yet the man persisted in assaulting the older woman with the broken fragment.

Eventually, the woman managed to wrestle the wooden object away from her attacker, forcibly reclaiming it from his hands. 

In response, he resorted to using his fists to continue the assault.

Onlookers Do Nothing 

Subsequently, the woman curled into a fetal position on top of a pile of trash she had fallen into while the man continued shouting at her.

 It remains unclear what he was saying, but at one point, he claimed, “I was trying to be like a brother to you,” before kicking the woman repeatedly.

Despite the distressing incident, the video revealed that no subway or MTA employees intervened.

 However, the woman who recorded the incident could be heard calling 911, providing critical details about the ongoing assault.

Unknown Assailant

The woman had entered the New York City station at West 116th Street and Lenox Avenue around 3:30 a.m. on Friday, as reported by the New York Police Department.

She did not know the suspect, and the origins of the argument remain unclear.

Following the incident, the victim was promptly rushed to the hospital, with authorities confirming her stable condition.

 An ongoing investigation seeks to uncover the full details of this harrowing attack.


Reacting to the distressing incident, social media users expressed outrage and condemnation. Many called for justice and expressed concern for the victim’s well-being, emphasizing the need for swift action in addressing such heinous acts.

One X-er commented, “Animal deserves to be put to death for this,” with another adding, “an eye for an eye, it would be fair that if the man is found guilty that he is publicly beaten with the same number of strokes he used on his victim. Then this nonsense will stop.”

This incident is part of an alarming trend of violence on the New York City subway, with recent reports of a train operator being beaten with a pipe and another subway rider stabbed by an unknown attacker.

The safety of subway commuters remains a pressing concern.

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