Woman Falls to Her Death From Border Wall Meanwhile Migrants Disembarking From Buses Assured by Border Guards “You’re Free”

On Friday, a tragic incident occurred as a woman fell to her death while attempting to scale a 30-foot border wall separating the United States and Mexico, as reported by the San Diego police.

An Increase in Falls

The woman had initially succeeded in climbing over a shorter 17-foot wall before daring to navigate the taller border barrier located in Otay Mesa, according to a Fox 5 report. 

This unfortunate incident shows a concerning trend, with data from the Consulado General De Mexico indicating a staggering 162 percent increase in falls, resulting in severe injuries or fatalities over the past three years.

Pedro Rios, an immigration volunteer organizer, expressed his distress over the rising number of traumatic and life-altering injuries, as well as fatalities, caused by these falls. 

Traumatic Life-Altering Injuries

He stated, “People more and more are facing traumatic life-altering injuries when they fall, and they injure themselves, or death as the case of this woman.”

Law enforcement authorities are actively investigating the incident, and as of now, the woman’s identity and nationality remain undisclosed. 

Rios further commented on the situation, noting that despite the inherent risks, the anticipated deterrent effect on border crossings has yet to materialize.

An Overwhelming Influx

Despite the significant risk of injury or death, surges of illegal border crossings along the Southwest border continue unabated. 

Customs and Border Patrol reported over 1.97 million encounters in the fiscal year 2023 (from October 2022 to July 2023).

The overwhelming influx of undocumented migrants has strained the resources of officials tasked with capturing and detaining them to the extent that some sectors have resorted to wholesale releases of detainees, as reported by Fox News.

“You’re Free”

Video footage from San Diego captures numerous migrants disembarking from buses, including individuals from China and Pakistan. 

In one segment, a migrant is heard inquiring about his newfound freedom to a Border Patrol agent, to which the agent responds, “You’re free to go on and do wherever you want. You’re free.” 

When asked if it’s permissible to go to Chicago, the agent reassures the migrant, saying, “You can do whatever you want.”

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