Woman Makes an Amazing Thrift Store Find and Discovers $300 in Cash and a Mysterious Note

The beauty of charity shops lies in their surprises. TikTok user @marthainfused (We’ll call her Janette) stumbled upon an unexpected treasure when she bought an old Coach bag for $6.99 at Salvation Army, only to find an envelope full of cash and a mysterious note inside!

She Found $300 in a Coach Bag!

In a viral video, Janette shared the thrilling moment she discovered a hidden note inside the Coach bag while cleaning it up.

The note, accompanied by $300 cash, was a heartfelt confession from someone named Martha.

It revealed that Martha’s kids would donate her belongings to Goodwill after her passing, so instead of giving them their inheritance, she hid it in her favorite things.

Martha also spilled the tea about her husband’s mistress leaving the bag behind during a hurried departure.

Gathering Over 8.1 Million Views

The TikTok video gathered 8.1 million viewers, who found Martha’s note intriguing and inspiring.

Some admired Martha’s grudge-holding abilities, while others praised her for including cash and the story.

Even the brand Coach took notice of the TikTok tale.

Martha’s unexpected legacy didn’t end there.

Other People Shared Their Stories of Discovery

Other TikTok users shared their own encounters with Martha’s hidden notes in charity shop items.

Janette even planned to meet another person who discovered a note and $100 in charity shop jeans. Excitement grew as people expected more stories to be shared.

With its simple yet surprising nature, this viral TikTok story touched the hearts of millions.

From a $6.99 purchase, Janette experienced a life-changing surprise.

“Martha Is Savage!”

Users had mixed opinions on the matter, with one user even saying, “Martha is savage!”

Others adored the story, adding, “Martha, you are awesome!!! Let’s find her and take her flowers.”

Were you moved by Martha’s story? Maybe you’ve had a crazy thrift store experience? Let us know in the comments.

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