“Betrayal Trauma”: Why One Woman Makes Her Husband Look Away From Sex Scenes in Movies

One woman has bizarrely opened up about how she makes her husband look away from sex scenes in films after one revelation about their relationship was too much for her to take.

Sex Scenes in the Film Oppenheimer

A TikToker and her husband’s admission has left the online community in disbelief with her controlling approach to movie watching.

Jourdan Kehr, a West Virginia native, admitted to making her husband avert his eyes during sex scenes in the film Oppenheimer.

“Betrayal Trauma”

Kehr justified her unusual behavior by revealing she suffered from “betrayal trauma” after discovering her husband watched porn.

“Okay so I research everything before we watch it but especially this movie. Obviously, I heard about it, yes we wanted to see it; it has an amazing rating.” She admitted.

Devised a “Game Plan”

Kehr detailed her strategy, explaining that she researched the movie before watching and devised a “game plan” with her partner.

Kehr admits that she didn’t know what to expect before all her research went out the window, “We prepared ourselves. I didn’t know when the scene was going to happen, and I also didn’t understand how the scene was happening. I thought it was just several minutes straight of…”

She then makes a bizarre decision to mouth the word “sex” instead of saying it to the camera.

Plan Twarted

Kehr then reveals the twist that made it so difficult to avoid the scene, “it would be a flash of that, and then it would be a flash of normal life, and then it would be a flash of the scene. It was very back and forth, so it was really difficult to avoid it.”

Kehr’s plan involved having her husband close his eyes and rest his head on her shoulder during intimate scenes featuring Florence Pugh.

Her Husband’s Porn Consumption

Kehr, 29, opened up about the root of her actions, revealing the trauma she experienced upon discovering her husband’s porn consumption.

Kehr’s husband had been “sober” from watching porn for 10 months before the incident.

Kehr emphasized that her husband’s avoidance of the screen did not alter the movie’s storyline, “I will tell you right now it took nothing away from the story. Him not looking at the screen during did not change the storyline, did not change anything.”

Relationship Shattered by Porn

Kehr revealed how she was “betrayed” when she discovered that her husband watched porn, saying that it shattered their monogamous relationship.

The date September 17, 2022, marked the day Kehr’s world changed as she unearthed her husband’s secret.

Kehr described the profound impact of betrayal trauma, leading to stress, pain, sickness, depression, and anxiety.

His Commitment to Recovery

Kehr highlighted her journey towards healing, pointing out her husband’s efforts to change, remain “sober,” and rebuild trust.

Kehr praised her husband’s actions, showing signs of his commitment to recovery.

One confused Twitter user asked what we were all thinking, “bruh why are people so afraid of naked bodies like….we all have naked bodies.”

Do you think Kehr has taken things too far? Let us know your thoughts on this shocking admission in the comments.

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