Woman Who Identifies as a Wolf Insists “I Pay My Bills and Pay My Taxes” – “Never Make Fun of Me”

One woman revealed on live TV how she identifies as a wolf, but maybe we should respect her more since her profession is no laughing matter.

“Wolf Girl” Howling

A woman identified as a British Columbian wolf stunned the presenters of British talk show This Morning with her wolf-like howling! 

Naia Ōkami, hailing from Seattle, revealed that she doesn’t physically believe she is a wolf but connects with it spiritually and psychologically.

In her high school days, Naia expressed her wolf side more openly, vocalizing and howling with ease. 

Now, as the “Wolf Girl,” she can be more public about it when appropriate. 


She said, “If I’m at work or in the grocery store, I’m not going to bark and howl at my cashier.”

Naia described herself as an otherkin therian, someone who identifies as a non-human animal on a personal level. 

She emphasized that she is fully aware she is human and that her wolf identity is more of a spiritual and psychological connection.

Naia’s wolf life doesn’t interfere with her professional life as an investigator who catches online predators. 

“A Serious Job”

She shared, “I have a serious job; I pay my bills and pay my taxes. This is just how I spiritually express myself.”

Naia’s fascination with wolves started at a young age when she began picturing herself as a wolf in her dreams. 

The more she delved into researching these majestic creatures, the stronger her connection with them became.

Naia confidently asserted, “I’m able to kind of pivot back into saying, ‘You know me for this, but you didn’t know about all this other stuff that you’d never make fun of me over.'”

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