Workaholic Dad Ignored Daughter’s Struggles in College, Now She’s Asking for Help

A rich but heartless dad raised the ire of Redditors after he refused to pay for his adult daughter’s college tuition. At least he has his prestigious career to soothe himself at night. Here is the whole story.

He Bought His Daughter Everything She Could Dream Of

OP is a 54-year-old man divorced from his ex-wife for 23 years.

OP admits he is a workaholic and probably a big reason they split up. But he’s happy with the “prestigious” career he has built.

OP and his ex had a daughter together, and the little girl went to live with her mother after the divorce. OP got his daughter on the weekends, however.

And, of course, OP paid child support and gave his daughter everything she could want or need. She always had all the latest gadgets and clothes and took all sorts of fancy trips.

… And Taught Her Good Work Ethics

But OP didn’t just spoil his daughter. He also did his best to teach her about work ethic and the importance of attending school and building a great career.

Luckily, OP’s daughter is intelligent and worked hard enough in high school that she could have gone to any college she wanted.

OP set his sights on an Ivy League school for his daughter, but her mother guilted the girl into staying in-state.

OP thought that was a mistake, but he was OK with saving some money since the school his daughter chose cost much less than the Ivy League schools.

She Began Failing Her Classes

College started out well for OP’s daughter, who enrolled in 18 credit hours and made the dean’s list her first semester.

But OP’s daughter was down to just 6 credit hours by the time a couple of years had passed. She was also failing some of her classes.

Finally, OP’s daughter came to him and told him she was leaving school. She just wanted to make money and figure things out as she went.

OP was honked off to hear that his daughter was throwing everything away, and they got into a screaming match. Then, they stopped communicating altogether.

She Was Finally Ready To Return to School

A few years passed with no contact between OP and his daughter. Recently, though, she reached out to give him an update.

Now 25 years old, OP’s daughter has moved across the country and lives independently. She also has cut off all contact with her mother.

With the basics out of the way, OP’s daughter dropped her bombshell: she was finally ready to return to school.

And not only did OP’s daughter want to return to college, she also wanted OP to pay for it.

He Is Still on the Hook for Caring for His Daughter

OP almost laughed when his daughter made her request. He told her that ship had sailed and that there was no way he would pay for her college at this point.

As far as OP is concerned, he has done his job as a parent, and his daughter is raised.

But OP’s wife thinks he should pay for his daughter’s education, just like he always intended to do.

Redditors agree with OP’s wife and say he is still on the hook for caring for his daughter.

Many Can’t Believe That Op Didn’t Even Bother To Try and Find Out Why His Daughter Had Trouble at College in the First Place

While most think that adult children should be responsible for themselves, as OP says, they also point out that OP and his wife directly contributed to his daughter’s problems.

Many can’t believe that OP didn’t even bother to try and find out why his daughter had trouble at college in the first place.

Overall, commenters think it’s time for OP to step up and mend fences with his daughter.

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