Workplace Drama Erupts as an Ambitious New Hire Reports Seasoned Colleague to HR, Sparks Controversy!

A young woman recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she reported her coworker to HR for refusing to work on projects with her. This is her full story. 

Her Colleague Delivered Great Results

OP is a 26-year-old woman who recently started her first job after completing her master’s degree.

One of her coworkers is a 27-year-old woman who joined the company two months earlier. The coworker is currently in graduate school.

Right off the bat, OP noticed that her bosses always assigned complicated tasks to the other woman.

OP was impressed because her coworker delivered great results, even though she was new to the company.

They Worked Together on Some Big Projects

Hoping to learn something from her coworker, OP asked if they could collaborate on big projects. The other woman seemed okay with it, and they tackled their first assignment.

OP admits she had trouble keeping up with her coworker, who is skilled at tracking everything she needs to get done.

She also uses stringent timelines for her projects and expected OP to work as fast as she did.

But OP wasn’t used to working with deadlines, and she fell behind. Her coworker told her to work faster next time, then moved on.

“We Don’t Always Need To Work on the Same Projects”

More recently, OP’s coworker hung a whiteboard near her desk, where she planned all the meetings and tasks for the upcoming month.

OP was impressed with the setup and asked the other woman what it all meant.

OP’s coworker explained how the whiteboard worked, and OP then asked if they could work on another upcoming project together.

At that point, the coworker told OP they didn’t always need to work on the same projects.

Perhaps She Was Having a Bad Day

OP was surprised by what she saw as an outburst, but she thought maybe her coworker was just having a bad day. Things got more tense between the women after that interaction, however.

For one thing, OP’s coworker stopped helping her as much as she had earlier in their relationship.

When they did work together, the other woman strapped OP with even tighter timelines than ever. OP says that her coworker even avoided her by leaving the office early.

For OP, her coworker’s cold shoulder all added to a hostile workplace. When she felt like she couldn’t take it anymore, OP reported her colleague to HR.

HR Was a Little Rough

In the following days, HR called OP’s coworker in for a talk. By all indications, that talk got a little rough.

OP’s boss told her to avoid her coworker and stay out of her way. Then he removed OP from all the projects the other lady was working on.

The company even moved OP’s coworker to an office closer to senior management.

There are whispers that they’re trying to talk the other woman into staying at the company rather than moving on.

SHE Created a Hostile Work Environment

Now OP is upset that her work relationships are strained. But she still thinks she was right for going to HR because the other woman was so hard to work with.

Most Reddit commenters have little sympathy for OP. They say she was out of line for going to HR because her coworker stopped coddling her.

Some even suggested OP created a hostile work environment for her colleagues by constantly butting into her projects.

Others suggest that OP should have tried to discuss the situation with her coworker before going to HR.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP justified for going to HR with her complaints?

Or was she off base for reporting a coworker who didn’t do anything wrong?

And do you think OP was too needy and pushy with her demands to be part of every project with her coworker?

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