“Worst Governor in American History?” Tucker Carlson Attacks Abbott for His “Zero” Security at the Border

Tucker Carlson, the former Fox News host, recently took aim at Texas Governor Greg Abbott, accusing him of failing to use the state’s National Guard to secure the southern border.

Tucker Carlson’s Take 

At an event in Utica, Michigan, Tucker Carlson asked the crowd, “How many Texans do you think are all on board with letting 7 million people cross into their state illegally?… Zero. I don’t care what your race or national origin—nobody is for that. Has the governor of Texas done anything meaningful to stop it? No.” 

Carlson then said that if Abbott really wanted to solve the problem, he could get the situation handled “in a week” if he just placed the National Guard along the border.

Over the last several weeks, Abbott’s border control policy has been at the center of a large amount of controversy.

 In particular, he has received the largest amount of criticism for the use of a 1,000-foot-long buoy covered in razor wire to stop illegal immigrants from coming into the country.

Defending Your Home

According to Carlson, Governor Abbott described the border situation as “complicated” during a private conversation at a recent cocktail party they both attended.

In response, Carlson said, “No, it’s not,” and “If someone’s trying to break into my house, it’s not complicated to repel the person. Do you have a firearm or don’t you? Are you willing to defend your house and your children or aren’t you?”

 Tucker Carlson even accused Governor Abbott of being a “liar” and a “betrayer of your own people.” 

Carlson said, “It’s not more complicated than that. It’s more dishonest than that. You’re lying to me. You don’t want to do it because your donors don’t want you to do it. It’s that simple.”

Preventing Border Crossings

While it remains unclear if Governor Abbott was directly responding to Carlson’s criticism, he took to social media to say, “The Texas National Guard continues to turn back illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border between points of entry.”

 Abbott concluded his social media post by trying to shift the blame onto President Biden, saying, “Biden’s open border policies encourage these dangerous, illegal crossings. open border policies encourage these dangerous, illegal crossings.”

On top of the criticisms Abbott’s razor bout received, there were allegations that border officers were instructed to push small migrant children back into the Rio Grande and to deny water to asylum seekers.

However, both the Texas Military Department and the Department of Public Safety denied these claims. 

Public Divisions

The White House condemned these alleged practices, with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre calling them “abhorrent” and stating, “It is despicable. It is dangerous. And we’re talking about the bedrock values of who we are as a country.”

While many people seem invested in the controversy between Carlson and Abbott, the majority of people seem set against both of these conservative men.

 One social media user referred to Abbott as “Such a Disgraceful Governor of Texas. Worst Governor in American history.”

 Another user said, “As much as I don’t like Abbott, I abhor Carlson, the liar and deceiver of America with Trump’s Big lie of a stolen election, that divided the country so much. A personality of the media should report facts and truth, not propaganda for profit and ratings.” This last user summarised the situation as simply “Snake vs. Snake.”

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