“Would Not Exist Anymore” – NATO Secretary General’s Dire Prediction if Ukrainians Give Up Fighting

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg sounded the alarm about the war in Ukraine, suggesting a long and challenging battle ahead while also addressing Putin’s “dangerous” nuclear threats.

Prepare for a Long War

Stoltenberg revealed the potential length of the Ukraine conflict, cautioning the world to brace for a prolonged struggle, “Most wars last longer than is expected when they first start. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves for a long war in Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia yields only marginal gains, proving their uphill battle and long road ahead.

As the fall season arrives, concerns mount over Russia targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure due to the changing weather in the region.

Ukraine Won’t Exist if They Give Up

Stoltenberg expressed the collective wish for a quick peace, “We are all wishing for a quick peace.” He argued, “But at the same time, we must recognize: If President Zelensky and the Ukrainians give up the fight, their country would not exist anymore.”

Stoltenburg then suggested the best way for peace is if “Russia lays down its weapons” since Ukraine has much more to lose.

Addressing Putin’s nuclear rhetoric, the NATO chief labeled it “dangerous and ruthless” before assuring that NATO is “prepared” to counter any threat.

“A Nuclear War Cannot Be Won”

Stoltenburg insisted that NATO “sent a clear message to Russia: A nuclear war cannot be won and must never happen.”

He then stated that NATO hasn’t seen any evidence to react to Russia’s nuclear threat, “We are observing very closely what the Russian army is doing. Until now, we have not noticed any changes to Russia’s nuclear forces that would prompt us to react.”

Stoltenberg said that Putin withdrawing troops would be the simplest and quickest way to end the war, “The point of NATO is to prevent war — not least nuclear war. We have a credible deterrent.”

Ukraine’s NATO Membership Is Inevitable

Stoltenberg reiterated that Ukraine’s NATO membership is inevitable, “Ukraine will become a member of NATO — all allies have made that clear.”

Stoltenberg warns that Ukraine’s safety guarantees post-war are vital; otherwise “history could repeat itself,” he said.

Ukraine Determined to Fight Despite Conditions

With worsening weather approaching, Ukraine faces a race against time to secure significant gains against Russia during this long and brutal counteroffensive.

Gen. Mark Milley showed the impact of changing weather on Ukraine’s counteroffensive, “There is still a reasonable amount of time, about 30 to 45 days’ worth of fighting weather left,” though Ukraine has vowed to fight whatever the weather.

Despite the slow progress and challenging battlefield conditions, Ukraine’s determination remains steadfast, vowing to continue the counteroffensive.

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