‘World Domination for Bargain Price of $666’ – Would You Pass up the Chance to Join the Illuminati? She Was Eager to Sign Up

A young man divided Redditors after he called his sister a dumb fool when she fell for an online scam. But who could pass up a chance to control the world for just a few hundred bucks? Here is the full story.

A Chance of a Lifetime

OP is a young man whose 21-year-old sister recently left him with his mouth hanging open.

It all started when a group from Cameroon contacted OP’s sister to offer her the chance of a lifetime.

For just $666, OP’s sister could sign up to become part of the Illuminati. It’s an organization well-known for its power and plans for world domination.

While some people dismiss the Illuminati as nothing but a conspiracy theory, OP’s sister was convinced they were real.

Illuminati Offers Alluring Opportunity

Or rather, the group from Cameroon convinced OP’s sister that the Illuminati were real.

After all, they had an all-out campaign on social media and even various videos online that helped prove the whole thing was legit. OP himself had seen the full rundown.

OP never thought anyone he knew would get sucked into what he considered false promises, though.

Just send in your money, the group said, and you’d get a job with the Illuminati. It’s a paying job with benefits and prestige that someone like OP couldn’t even dream of.


That’s why OP was so shocked when his sister came to him and his brother asking for help.

She had the chance to join the Illuminati, she told OP. But she ran into a problem.

Specifically, OP’s sister had tried to transfer the $666 from her bank account to the Cameroon group.

But her bank blocked the transaction and said the whole thing was fraudulent.

Sucked In by the Scam

So that’s when OP’s sister came to her brothers for help. She needed to find another way to pay her Illuminati dues.

After she made that request, OP was discussing the situation with his brother.

OP told his bro that he never thought anyone he knew would be stupid enough to fall for the Illuminati scam. He was horrified that a blood relative had been sucked in.

Turns out, OP’s sister was closer than he thought, and she heard the whole thing.

He Called Her Stupid

After OP let rip with just how stupid he thought his sister was, she broke into tears and ran to tell their parents.

OP’s folks confronted him right away, and he admitted what he said. But he wouldn’t back down.

Now, OP’s parents want him to apologize to his sister, but he thinks they should all double down instead. How will she learn her lesson if they coddle her?

Other members of his family think OP is a completely wrong for what he did to his sister.

Too Harsh

But he just can’t bring himself to sugarcoat how dumb she was in this situation.

Redditors are torn in their reactions to this situation.

Many of them agree with OP and think his sister needs some tough love, so the point gets through to her.

But others say OP is being way too harsh for a simple mistake that’s happened to many people. They think he should lighten up.

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