You Can See Her Boyfriend Tenting in His Pants over Other Women’s Arms, Is It a Fetish or a Kink?

A woman navigates her boyfriend Carl’s unusual obsession with women’s arms, grappling with jealousy and anger while searching for a resolution.

He’s Got a ‘Thing’ About Women’s Arms

“I’ve been dating this guy, Carl, for a bit over six months. It’s been nice, but lately, I’ve run into a problem,” confesses the woman as she reflects on her evolving relationship.

As she delves into the heart of the matter, she reveals Carl’s peculiar fascination with women’s arms, uncertain whether to classify it as a kink or a fetish.

 “He loves looking out and touching my arms, especially between the elbow and shoulder.

And sometimes he’ll just idly brush my biceps and have this almost contented glazed look on his face,” she recounts, painting a vivid picture of Carl’s unusual preoccupation.

So Much So He’s Tenting in His Pants!

With the arrival of warmer weather and the proliferation of sleeveless tops, a new challenge has emerged. The woman finds herself grappling with Carl’s heightened interest in the exposed arms of other women. 

She shares her observations, saying, “It’s kind of embarrassing to be outside with him as if you know where to look, you can see the tenting in his pants, and he’ll occasionally run his eyes up and down a woman’s arms, which I’ve caught him doing.”

Her emotions become entangled as she navigates this complex situation. She acknowledges the uniqueness of Carl’s fixation, stating, “It’s not a normal sexualized thing.” 

She also recognizes the implications of his actions, confessing, “But at the same time, I know he’s sexualizing these women, and it’s both making me jealous and angry more generally at how overtly he’s doing it.”

She Ponders Her Dilemma

Despite her concerns, she believes Carl is an overall good person, complicating her feelings further. She ponders the dilemma, seeking a way to address the issue without compromising the positive aspects of their relationship.

 “I don’t know how to deal, which is a shame because he’s otherwise a good guy,” she laments, searching for a resolution to mitigate his behavior and find a healthy path forward.

In her search for guidance and understanding, she contemplates the words she could use in response to Carl’s actions.

She seeks to convey her disapproval and emphasize the importance of respecting her individuality and the choices of others. Yet, she admits, “I just haven’t found the right words.”

Is It a Fetish or a Kink?

Amidst the complex web of emotions, uncertainties, and desires for a harmonious resolution, the woman grapples with finding a way to reconcile her feelings with the realities of her relationship with Carl.

“I think that you could just take the fetish, kink, whatever you want to call it, out of the equation and you still have a guy who’s ogling other women in front of his partner, making her uncomfortable. That’s the root of the issue,” someone commented. 

What advice would you give? Let us know in the comments!

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