“You Planned This Murder” – Family Feud Contestant’s Show Answers Were Sinister Foreshadowing of Plot to Come

After an appearance on the TV show Family Feud, an ex-contestant has been given a life sentence in prison for a shocking act, giving new meaning to his answers on the show that now seem even more shocking than before.

The Biggest Mistake

A man seen on Family Feud gets life in prison, and now people are questioning his answers on the show.

Timothy Bliefnick, 40, appeared on the show in January 2020 before the dreaded events that followed. 

Steve Harvey, the host, asked, “What’s the biggest mistake you made at your wedding?” 

Bliefnick said, “Honey, I love you, but ‘said I do.’ Not my mistake, not my mistake. I love my wife. I’m going to get in trouble for that, aren’t I?” 

Guilty of Murdering His Wife 

Harvey said, “It’s going to be a lot of hell to pay at your house,” followed by laughter from the crowd.

Three years later, Timothy Bliefnick was found guilty of breaking into his wife’s house. Then, he was found guilty of her murder.

Timothy Bliefnick’s punishment is life in prison, a fitting punishment for his heinous act.

During the trial, it was revealed that Bliefnick planned the act, researching how to do it. 

A Sinister Plan 

The judge talked about the crime. “Mr. Bliefnick, you researched this murder. You planned this murder. You practiced this murder,” the judge said. 

Rebecca Postle Bliefnick was a mother of three, tragically found by her father in her home.

Timothy and Rebecca were getting divorced. Rebecca took legal action, filing for protection against her husband in 2021, just before her tragic death. 

Timothy Bliefnick’s TV moment now feels eerie as people realize that there was a more sinister meaning behind his words. 

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