Young Sailor’s ‘Fake’ ID Drama Unleashes an Unexpected Military Showdown at Local Bar and Leaves ‘Burly’ Bouncer Quaking in His Boots

Drew was a young sailor, fresh out of his teenage years, and had recently turned 21. Excited to celebrate this milestone, Drew and his friends decided to hit a local bar known for its local cover band.

The Burly Bouncer Took His Military ID!

The atmosphere was electric, and the promise of a great night hung in the air. Drew’s clean-shaven face and youthful appearance did not resemble a typical 21-year-old.

When he tried to enter, the only valid identification he had with him was his Military ID, given that his out-of-state ID was not with him.

Seeing an opportunity to exploit the situation, the doorman declared Drew’s Military ID as fake and threatened to keep it. Disbelief was evident in Drew’s eyes as he responded, “Dude, that is a Military ID. Give it back.”

But the doorman had other intentions, aiming to get more than just a reaction out of Drew. “Nope, mine now. $20 bucks or get lost,” the doorman taunted.

“Then You Better Cough up $20 or Get Lost”

This was not just about verifying an ID anymore; it was an outright shakedown. The ID was an important document and essential for Drew’s entry back to his base.

Drew desperately tried to explain that he couldn’t get back into the base to the doorman, but his pleas were ignored, “Then you better cough up $20 or get lost.”

Distraught but not defeated, Drew and his friend, who had successfully used a State ID, returned to the base. Drew would report his ID as lost or stolen to the Officer of the Day (OOD), a senior officer known for being stern yet fair.

It was rumored that this OOD only answered to two authorities: God and the President. And nobody knew which President that was.

His OOD Had a Devious Glint in His Eyes

Drew nervously narrated the incident. After hearing the story backed up by Drew’s friend, the OOD had a devious glint in his eyes. He called for the Chief, an intimidating figure known for his disciplinary measures.

Drew couldn’t help but tremble slightly, fearing a few days in the brig as punishment for losing his ID. Thoughts of his lost promotion ran through his head.

The Chief, clearly unimpressed with the situation, arranged for a driver and summoned a couple of marines, fully dressed in their Battle Dress Uniform and armed with sidearms.

As the group drove back to the bar, there was an eerie silence in the van. The Chief was NOT impressed, complaining, “Can’t believe I gotta deal with this. Well, at least I don’t have to sit at the desk all night.”

The Chief and Two Armed Marines Approached the ‘Burly’ Bouncer

Upon their arrival at the bar, the situation turned cinematic! The once tough doorman looked considerably less confident as the Chief approached him with two armed marines by his side.

Once Drew verified the doorman’s identity, the scene was set.

Without wasting time, the Chief demanded the ID. Cornered and intimidated, the doorman hurriedly returned Drew’s ID. But the Chief wasn’t done.

He signaled the Marines to clear a path to the bar, which they did by calmly shouting to move people out of the way.

“All Active Duty Military. This Site Is Now on the Prohibited List. Pay Your Tab and Get Out.”

As the music and talk died down, the Chief grabbed a chair, standing tall on it, and announced to everyone in his commanding voice, “All Active Duty Military. This site is now on the Prohibited list. Pay your tab and get out.”

It was more than a statement; it was a warning. Half of the bar followed as he exited! While many weren’t active-duty personnel, they were either reserves or retirees who shared the Chief’s sentiment.

The consequences didn’t end there. The bar was on the military’s prohibited list, remaining there even six months later when Drew transferred!

In the end, Drew made his point in a way the doorman would never forget. And as for Drew? He got lost quickly!

“Don’t Mess With the Active Duty or Veterans”

Redditors loved this tale, with one user commenting, “I’ve heard similar stories from other veterans before, and this is the worst thing that can happen to a business that depends on the military. You don’t mess with the active duty or veterans; they will boycott your business into the ground even if it’s their favorite place in the world. We take care of those who take care of us.”

Have you ever been refused entry to anywhere? What happened?

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