“YOU’RE HUGE” – Stranger’s Comment Devastates Pregnant Woman – Her Belly Held More than Just a Baby

Silvia, a 35-year-old woman in her 8th month of pregnancy, has found herself in a peculiar situation that many expectant mothers can relate to. Her encounter with a well-meaning yet intrusive stranger has ignited a debate among Redditors. Let’s take a look.

Pregnant Woman Faces Unsolicited Touching

Throughout her pregnancy journey, she has encountered numerous instances where people, particularly older women, seem to believe that her being pregnant grants them the right to comment on and even touch her body without consent.

While Silvia is naturally a private person, these interactions have often brought out her inner wit.

Silvia began to show a noticeable bump around the 5th or 6th month of her pregnancy.

Softball Sized Fibroids

However, what made her appearance particularly unique were the two large fibroids she had, each about the size of a softball.

These fibroids made her look bigger than she actually was and gave her an appearance that seemed further along in her pregnancy than she truly was.

Despite this, Silvia hadn’t gained much weight otherwise, resulting in a disproportionate appearance that made it obvious she was pregnant, even under her hoodies.

Unwelcome Encounter at the Grocery Store

One incident from last weekend is a perfect snapshot of Silvia’s challenges.

While shopping at her local grocery store, an older, larger woman approached her with a cheerful tone and congratulated her on her pregnancy.

She kindly smiled and took a step back to ensure she stayed out of touching distance, a defensive measure she had learned to take. 

The woman asked, “How far along are you?” Silvia replied with a smile, “8 months.”


However, the woman’s reaction was far from what Silvia expected. She looked at Silvia with astonishment and exclaimed, “Oh, hun, NO! I would have guessed any day now! YOU’RE HUGE!!”

Silvia, maintaining her composure, responded with a sweet smile and said, “Aw, thanks, you too.”

As you can imagine, this response did NOT go over well with the older woman! 

In a moment of awkwardness, the woman mentioned something about her size being a medical issue.

Pregnancy Doesn’t Equal Public Property

Silvia interjected with a lighthearted, “Hey, me too.”

However, it didn’t do much to defuse the situation. Eventually, the woman huffed away, and Silvia continued with her shopping, unfazed by the encounter.

Silvia now finds herself thinking about her response. She doesn’t feel remorseful for her retort, but she is curious about whether her reaction was justified or if it veered into mean territory. 

Silvia strongly believes that there shouldn’t be a stigma around pregnant women suddenly becoming public property, a sentiment many would agree with.

Should She Have Reacted That Way?

But, she acknowledges that perhaps she could have, once again, chosen to be the “bigger person” in this situation. 

She’s also mulling over if she missed an opportunity to give her usual sassy response, “Yeah, I have two tumors in there with her.” 

Unsurprisingly, this quip has led to many sputtering apologies from people who are made uncomfortable by the mention of benign fibroids.

She asked Reddit what they thought about her response and if she’d been too harsh.

Thousands of Redditors chimed in with their opinions on Silvia’s encounter, offering a range of perspectives. Some firmly sided with Silvia.

An Inappropriate Comment

They argued that just because she was pregnant, it didn’t give the older woman the right to comment on her body or make her feel entitled to do so, “She’s not a doctor, she has no business judging what your body should look like 8 months pregnant. Her comment was inappropriate and I hope people will stop doing that someday…”

However, not all Redditors were on the same page. Some believed that while Silvia had a right to be tired of people’s intrusive comments, her response was not justified. 

The Fine Line Between Self-Defense and Meanness

They thought that the woman’s intentions were likely innocent, with one Redditor saying, “If you don’t think people should comment on other bodies, set an example. I think it’s pretty obvious the “you’re huge” is a reference to you looking further along than 8 months and not an insult. Your comment is mean spirited in a way hers was not.”

A few Redditors expressed that both of them shared some blame. One user summed it up by saying, “I understand that you were just trying to get through this situation as quickly as possible, and you’ve probably heard the same (IMO, offensive) comment hundreds of times by now, but the way to respond to it was not to stoop down to her level. The comment about the tumors would have been funny and ended the conversation much more quickly.”

While opinions on the matter varied, one thing was clear: Silvia’s story had sparked a lively discussion about personal boundaries and respect for pregnant women’s bodies. 

What do you think about Silvia’s response? Funny, or too far?

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