“You’re So Woke and Utterly Stupid” – Bud Light Sales Continue to Fall 30%

In the wake of the Dylan Mulvaney marketing debacle six months ago, Bud Light has found itself in an ongoing downhill turn. Here’s the full story.

It’s Not Getting Better

Beer Business Daily publisher, Harry Schuhmacher, has noted that the situation has actually worsened since the initial controversy, with the brand’s volume down by approximately 30 percent compared to the previous year.

This decline, persisting since May, raises the alarming possibility of some consumers never returning to the brand.

The situation has not only triggered a conservative backlash but has also left Mulvaney’s supporters disappointed with the brand’s response.

Since the ill-fated promotional campaign with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light has faced a prolonged decline in both sales and consumer confidence.

A Polarized Consumer Base

Schuhmacher, a seasoned industry expert, explained that this trend signifies a quasi-permanent situation, suggesting that a significant portion of consumers may never return.

The controversy surrounding the Mulvaney collaboration has led to a polarized consumer base. Both conservatives and Mulvaney’s fans find fault with the brand.

Conservatives criticize Bud Light for the promotional campaign, while Mulvaney’s supporters argue that the brand did not do enough to support her in the face of online bullying and transphobia.

Prediction: Trend Will Persist

The aftermath of the campaign saw Mulvaney taking a break from the public eye. Recent statistics compiled by Bump Williams Consulting reveal a consistent decline in both dollars and volume for Bud Light, indicating a severe impact.

Schuhmacher predicts that this trend will persist until April and May of 2024, when the controversy may finally be in the past.

The implications extend beyond lost sales, as the brand’s struggle has spread to the industry, eroding the confidence of other retailers.

This loss of confidence has translated into reduced visibility on shelves and displays, potentially compounding the brand’s challenges.

Will $22.5 Million in Investment Help?

Schuhmacher said, “You see those end caps at the end of aisles at the grocery store? When you start losing those, it’s bad because you not only lose store visibility, but you also lose being able to load a lot of inventory into the store.”

In an effort to address the crisis, CEO Brendan Whitworth announced a significant $22.5 million investment in late August at the Anheuser-Busch Houston Brewery.

Despite this substantial move, Schuhmacher said, “They’re somewhat powerless to fix it, except to remain really active in their local communities, which they’ve done and which they’ve always done. And really, that’s kind of the only saving grace for that brand is those local connections that the wholesalers have.”

“But it’s been a rough summer for those guys, you know, shout out to them, and it’s probably going to be a rough winter. We’ve never seen anything like this in the beer industry,” he added.

New Business Term: “The Bud Light Effect”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Nothing ‘quasi’ about it.  Men are fed up and women are tired of being mocked and canceled.”

Another user wrote, “The company made a huge mistake in using Dylan Mulvaney in a Bud Light ad. The power of advertising went the wrong way as people responded negatively to it. It tells advertisers, Trans activists, and allies, that in the real world, most people don’t accept gender ideology.”

A third user commented, “And a new business term is born: The Bud Light effect. Meaning: When you’re so woke and utterly stupid that you instantly lose your business.”

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