Zombie Alert? President Biden’s Shocking On-Air Exit Leaves Viewers Speechless

President Joe Biden found himself at the center of attention after an unexpected moment during a live TV broadcast when he stood up and left the studio while cameras were still rolling. Here’s what happened.

President Biden Stood up From His Seat, Shook Wallace’s Hand, and Walked Off

President Joe Biden, 80, appeared on MSNBC for an interview with Nicolle Wallace.

They discussed several topics, including the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision, January 6th, and his predecessor, Donald Trump.

After nearly 20 minutes of questions, President Biden stood up from his seat, shook Wallace’s hand, and walked off the set while she offered a preview of her show’s next segment.

The incident surprised viewers as the cameras continued to film his departure. The momentary exit prompted varied reactions.

Was It a Power Move?

Andrew Bates, Biden’s White House deputy press secretary, referred to it as a “power move,” implying that the president intended to leave a lasting impression.

On the other hand, Jason Miller, a former campaign aide to Donald Trump, called it “bizarre” and criticized the interview for not addressing specific topics like Biden’s son Hunter’s business dealings or his health.

Some questioned Wallace’s decision not to ask about these issues, given her experience in political journalism.

The recent incident adds to a list of notable gaffes made by President Biden.

It Fuels Ongoing Debates About Biden’s Ability To Lead Effectively

He mistakenly referred to Rishi Sunak as “Mr. President,” ended a speech with “God save the Queen,” and even asked about a deceased congresswoman.

While the incident may seem trivial, it fuels ongoing debates about Biden’s ability to lead effectively.

Critics argue that his gaffes and unscripted moments raise doubts about his mental acuity and ability to handle the pressures of the presidency.

On the other hand, supporters argue that these incidents are minor and do not overshadow his policy agenda and accomplishments.

“It’s Very Similar to What You Would See Among Patients in a Psychiatric Ward, Who Use Drugs To Keep Them Calm”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

A Twitter user wrote, “Here’s the thing, if he genuinely is “losing his faculties”, then he should be being supported, and gently encouraged to step down.”

Another user commented, “That’s sad, happens to lots of people but they aren’t running a country. Really must step down.”

One Twitter user added, “If you watch the way Joe Biden walks, it’s very similar to what you would see among patients in a psychiatric ward, who use drugs to keep them calm.”

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